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Jason Silverstein

Staff reporter at New York Daily News. Formerly at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Buffalo News and Columbia Journalism School.



Meet the NYU freshman who started a massive Chicago protest from her dorm

The Chicago protesters who stormed the streets Wednesday calling for a city government overhaul were triggered by an unlikely source: A New York University freshman who made a fake Facebook page from her dorm. “I really didn’t think I’d have anything to do with this,” Rachel Brown, an 18-year-old film student, told the Daily News Thursday.
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Challenger 30th anniversary: Remembering astronaut Ronald McNair, an inherited son of Harlem

Long before Ronald McNair became the second African-American to reach outer space, New York was the astronaut’s home away from home. McNair, who died in the Challenger disaster 30 years ago, was born in South Carolina. But he became an inherited son of Harlem in the final third of his short life.
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Hundreds gather to celebrate life of James Foley

James Foley always admired the Jesuit resolve he learned at Marquette University: To help those in need, to fight for underdogs and to tell stories that no one else will. But a few years before his death, Foley wrote that it was not "until my freedom was taken away from me" that those lessons fully resonated with him.
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Cream puffs, politics and the usual unusual at State Fair

Rarely in Wisconsin State Fair history has politics mixed so prominently with cream puffs. For most fairgoers, a stroll through any segment of the fair's epic sprawl was a tour through the usual unusual. Fair workers led farm animals through busy streets as casually as roadies carry instruments to a concert.
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Billy, 23, the stick-thin bassist with lots of tattoos and a little acne. Dave, 30, the lead singer with a stringy, almost cartoonish speaking voice. The shortest member with the biggest build. Ben, 27, burly and bearded, impassive and insular as only drummers are. If someone were to quit the band at this point, I don't know if it'd continue.

SEE IT! New York City Health Department inspectors give our apartment a C grade

New Yorkers were recently reminded that any place can fail on food safety: Per Se, one of the city’s most expensive restaurants, got slapped with a C, and a single mouse shut down the Cronut kingdom of baker Dominique Ansel for a few days last week. But few regular citizens know what goes into policing the city’s kitchens.
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Not too tight, not too loose — is Wisconsin just right?

A paper published by University of Maryland psychologists proposed that the 50 states can be divided into "tight" and "loose" social structures, determined by an average of several demographic data sets. The paper assigned each state a "tightness-looseness" score; the lower the score, the looser the state.
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A son succumbs to heroin; a father struggles to understand

Morphine seeped into Roger Drewiske's arm, dulling the pain in his shoulder as he lay in a hospital bed. He was 51 years old and the badly blocked artery could have killed him. At least he had his teenage son, Phil, at his bedside, holding his hand. The bond between the father and son could have been like it was in the old days when he spent hours with Phil outside in the yard in Hudson, playing make-believe baseball games until the sun went down.
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What the heel? Those uplifting shoes are many a woman's downfall

Call it high anxiety: Madonna bruised a bone falling off her pumps, Emma Thompson walked onstage at the Golden Globes without footwear for fear of pain, and Camila Alves de-heeled herself at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, lest she be the latest star to fall from grace. If celebrities, who are practically born in stilettos, can’t keep from toppling, what chance do other women have in heels?
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Jason Silverstein

I am a staff reporter at the New York Daily News, where I started as a features intern and am now a national general assignment reporter. Previously, I worked at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and The Buffalo News. I've also reported for alt-weeklies and monthly magazines around my hometown, Buffalo.

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